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Development of new semiconductors and their use in light-emitting devices and solar cells

The production of safe, efficient and clean energy to replace fossil fuels is one of the greatest challenges of today's society and one of the main objectives of the European Horizon 2020 Program. Achieving this objective entails the development of more efficient technologies to generate energy light (15% of European electrical energy is used for lighting) and electrical energy. In this sense, the main objective of the project is to provide precise knowledge of the electronic, optical and transport properties of new semiconductor materials, and to develop, using these materials, light-emitting devices and solar cells that allow the efficient production of light and electricity, respectively. To achieve this goal, ionic materials based on transition metal complexes and hybrid organic-inorganic perovskites will be developed for electroluminescent light-emitting devices, and organic semiconductors together with hybrid organic-inorganic perovskites will be used to build up efficient perovskite solar cells (PSCs). PSCs have experienced a meteoric rise in their solar-to-electric power conversion efficiencies surpassing currently 25%.

The optical performance of light-emitting devices and the electrical performance of solar cells depend on the efficiency of the processes of charge injection and transport, charge recombination and separation, and absorption and emission of light that take place in the active semiconductor layers. To optimize these processes, an in-depth knowledge of the structural and electronic properties of the materials that constitute the layers should be achieve. The synergy between quantum-chemical calculations, which allow the atomistic study of the material in both neutral, charged and excited states, and experimental techniques, which are used to prepare and characterize the materials and to develop the devices, is used to design the materials and to improve the efficiency of the devices.



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